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Dubious UN Report Claiming Syrian Use of Chemical Weapons

Dubious UN Report Claiming Syrian Use of Chemical Weapons

by Stephen Lendman

A new UN Secretary-General report on use of chemical weapons in Syria appears more like pro-Western propaganda than legitimate analysis.

Throughout years of conflict, Syria repeatedly was accused of crimes it didn’t commit - evidence later showing US-backed terrorists were responsible. 

No evidence links its government or military to use of chemical weapons. It destroyed its entire stockpile, verified by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

US-supported terrorists used chemical weapons time and again against defenseless Syrian civilians, including Saudi Arabia-supplied toxic agents in containers marked “made in KSA.”

On August 24, Syrian UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari told Sputnik News of French involvement in chemical weapons attacks in his country in 2013, explaining the following:

The case with chemical weapons was initially fabricated to exert pressure on the Syrian government. After the first chemical gas attack on Khan al-Asal in Aleppo, I went to the Secretary-General to request assistance (to determine) if there actually was a chemical attack and who was behind it.”

He waffled, falsely claiming consultation with Security Council members was required - meaning America and its co-conspirators.

Hours later, he promised help while claiming he wouldn’t assist in determining responsibility - the key reason for examining incidents in question to hold responsible parties accountable. 

Al-Jaafari was bluntly honest, saying “(f)rom that moment, it became clear that (Western) UN Security Council members are interested in keeping the party behind the attacks unnamed due to certain political circumstances.”

“According to the French sources and according to the book ‘Road to Damascus,’ the famous French journalists Georges Malbruno and Christian Shesno have documented evidence to prove the involvement of the former French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, in the Eastern Gouta (chemical weapons attack) near Damascus.”

Al-Jafaari said hundreds of Syrian government letters to Security Council members and the Western created UN Commission of Inquiry with documented evidence of terrorists using chemical weapons were ignored or called unreliable.

“This was (because) the party (or parties) behind these chemical attacks” are supported by Washington, NATO and their rogue Middle East partners in high crimes.

Heavily US-led Western pressured UN bodies are one-sidedly anti-Syria, turning a blind eye on aggression by America and its rogue partners, their support for ISIS and other terrorist groups.

The Secretary-General’s report on chemical weapons use in Syria lacks credibility. Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin urged not drawing “hasty conclusions” - perhaps diplomatic language debunking accusations of Syrian involvement.

What strategic advantage could its government gain by using them against defenseless civilians? US-backed terrorists benefit plenty by blaming Damascus for their own high crimes.

The UN report accused Syria of using chlorine gas after its CW stockpile was destroyed. Chlorine was retained because of its civilian use. In gaseous form, it’s a favorite US-supported terrorist weapon.

The full UN report will be released next week. It’ll be discussed at the body’s September session. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov blasted US finger-pointing, saying Washington should “look in the mirror and do what (it) promised…back in January” - separating terrorists called “moderate rebels” from Security Council designated ones.

With Hillary likely to succeed Obama next year by fair or foul means, orchestrator of US aggression on Syria, Washington appears going all-out to fabricate a case for full-blown US intervention - no matter the greater cost in human lives and suffering than already.

Falsely accusing its government of CW attacks, partnering with Turkey to invade and occupy northern Syria, plus whatever else may be planned looks like prelude for greater war.

The fate of an entire nation, its people, the region and perhaps humanity hang in the balance.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Diplomats Talk While Syrians Die

Diplomats Talk While Syrians Die

by Stephen Lendman

Earlier peace talks aimed at conflict resolution were stillborn - a waste of time accomplishing nothing. 

Endless Sergey Lavrov/John Kerry meetings on Syria achieved nothing substantive toward resolving intractable positions on both sides.

Both men are in Geneva for another round of talks on Friday. Pro-Western UN envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura is involved. 

Reportedly he’ll meet separately with each minister to discuss UN conflict resolution proposals. Why this way instead together with them both is one of many examples of irreconcilable US/Russian positions on the conflict.

Ahead of Friday’s meeting, US and Russian military officials met - reportedly to discuss dire Aleppo conditions and need for agreement on pauses in fighting to provide desperately needed humanitarian aid.

Will Lavrov’s latest meeting with Kerry achieve a breakthrough? Will both sides agree on what’s been unattainable before? Will chances for peace be enhanced by Friday discussions?

Syria is Obama’s war, naked aggression against a nonbelligerent state, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

Endless earlier diplomatic talks were futile, achieving nothing toward resolving conflict and restoring peace.

Will this time be different? How when Russia’s best efforts before failed, with America and Turkey partnered in Wednesday’s invasion and occupation of northern Syrian territory on the phony pretext of combating ISIS - escalating, not curbing conflict?

Chances for anything positive from Friday’s meeting are virtually nil - regardless of what both sides say at its conclusion.

Washington launched naked aggression on Syria for regime change, to transform its sovereign independence into another US vassal state, for another imperial trophy, to serve Israeli interests, to isolate Iran ahead of targeting its government the same way - continuing longstanding US permanent war policy.

Scores, maybe hundreds of Syrians die daily while endless futile diplomacy continues. The price of US imperial arrogance is paid for in Syrian blood - mostly defenseless civilian men, women, children, the elderly and infirm.

Assad’s political and media advisor Bouthiana Shaaban believes a “a third world war (began) without naming it.” US-led Western countries “promote their own way of life, their own ideology…at the expense” of countless millions of others, she said.

American exceptionalism is humanity’s scourge. Shaaban appears right. False flags launch wars. Perhaps the 9/11 mother of them all began WW III with no one noticing.

War raged in Europe from September 1939 (in Asia much earlier) to December 7, 1941 before it was called WW II.

Is global war underway now, heading for something much more serious than already - the possibility, perhaps likelihood, of nuclear confrontation if Hillary succeeds Obama?

Her anti-Russia, anti-China, anti-Iran, anti-peace extremism risks the unthinkable. Current US aggression in multiple theaters may be prelude to greater war threatening humanity’s survival.

America’s permanent war agenda threatens everyone. Friday Lavrov/Kerry talks won’t lessen the greatest risk humanity faces - possible extermination because of US imperial ambitions.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Hillary's Latest Trump Bashing Speech a Vicious Ad Hominem Attack

Hillary’s Latest Trump Bashing Speech a Vicious Ad Hominem Attack

by Stephen Lendman

All politicians lie. Rare exceptions prove the rule. Campaign lies are some of the worst - promising one thing, intending another if elected, betraying constituents every time.

Other than liar-in-chief Obama, perhaps no one else in memory is a more deplorable example than Hillary, a lying machine throughout her public disservice years since the 1990s. 

Her Thursday Trump bashing speech was the latest example - too painful to listen to or watch. I read the transcript instead, unsettling enough.

Addressing a handpicked Reno, NV audience, she lied claiming direct contact with ordinary people “(e)verywhere I go,” she said.

She’s entirely isolated from them, unconcerned about their interests, disdainful of their needs and welfare - clear from her agenda as me-first lady, US senator and secretary of state, serving monied interests exclusively at their expense throughout her political career, how she’ll operate as president if anointed in November, perhaps by election-rigging.

Make no mistake. Trump is no paragon of virtue. Hillary’s harangue against him was more campaign bluster than honestly assessing him.

True his comments show he’s racist. So is Hillary. Policies on her watch showed it. Accusing Trump of “paranoia” is over-the-top. So is saying “(h)e’s taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over one of America’s two political parties.”

Fact: America is a one-party state with two right wings - in lockstep on issues mattering most, notably on war and peace, corporate empowerment and police state crackdowns on nonbelievers.

Fact: A “radical fringe” runs America - undemocratic Democrats and Republicans, waging war on humanity at home and abroad, heading the nation toward full-blown tyranny, perhaps certain under a Hillary administration if anointed to succeed Obama.

Trump’s “disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly dangerous,” she blustered.

Fact: So-called “values” she won’t explain include global state terror on an unprecedented level, the greatest wealth disparity in US history, the nation’s inner cities more war zones than communities, Depression-level unemployment and underemployment, along with poverty in America a growth industry, among other issues.

Trump correctly addressed the deplorable state of Black and Latino America. According to Hillary, he “misses so much” - citing “success(ful) black leaders in every field” - mindless of the vast majority of the nation’s most disadvantaged enduring dire conditions because of state-sponsored policies ignoring their needs, punishing them with neoliberal harshness instead of stimulative New Deal-type policies.

Citing no corroborating evidence, other than Trump’s rhetoric, at times disturbing, Hillary blasted what she called “(a) man with a long history of racial discrimination, who traffics in dark conspiracy theories…should never run our government or command our military.”

“If he doesn’t respect all Americans, he can’t serve all Americans.”

Fact: US duopoly governance serves wealth, power and privilege exclusively. No matter who serves as chief executive or in key congressional and judicial positions, dirty business as usual continues, getting dirtier with each new administration.

Fact: The worst of all possible November outcomes is Hillary becoming America’s 45th president - assuring greater war on humanity than already, possible, even likely, nuclear war, the ultimate threat to life on earth.

Many Trump comments are over-the-top, justifying criticism. Other times he surprises with anti-establishment-sounding remarks, addressing important issues responsibly like wanting better relations with Russia and blasting TPP as a jobs destroyer - views polar opposite outrageous duopoly ones, what Hillary supports.

The rest of her address continued an ad hominem attack devoid of substance. All her speeches are similar - comprised of a litany of lies, empty rhetoric, promises made to be broken, and avoiding discussion of her abominable public disservice record.

She and Trump are deplorable options for the nation’s highest office. She has a longstanding criminal record, reflecting pure evil, what should automatically disqualify her for any public office.

Trump can only be judged on his business dealings as they apply to how he might govern. He’s more interested in profiting from planet earth than destroying it.

Hillary’s rage for war on humanity may kill us all. I’m no Trump supporter. Given a choice between both candidates (because independents like Jill Green haven’t a chance), he’s by far the preferred choice.

I agree with Paul Craig Roberts, saying he’s “the person we want in the Oval Office…The imbecilic Americans who vote for Hillary are voting for (permanent) war and their own immiseration.”

It’s unclear how Trump would govern because he never before held public office. One thing is clear. Hillary represents the worst possible option. 

At least with Trump there’s hope for avoiding nuclear confrontation - what’s perhaps likely with war goddess Clinton in power.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Feature NYT Story Endorses Hillary's Anti-Trump Big Lies

Feature NYT Story Endorses Hillary’s Anti-Trump Big Lies

by Stephen Lendman

I criticize deplorable Times reporting and opinions so often, I imagine I’m one of its leading critics - a deplorable publication featuring misinformation and Big Lies on issues mattering most, press agent for Hillary, ignoring her high crimes, bashing Trump relentlessly.

Its latest broadside featured her claiming a “radical fringe” took over the GOP under Trump. In a same-day article, I explained a “radical fringe” runs America under both wings of duopoly governance - supporting privilege exclusively at the expense of progressive politics, serving everyone equitably and fairly.

The Times: Hillary “delivered a blistering denunciation Thursday of Donald J. Trump’s personal and political history with race, arguing in her most forceful terms yet that a nationalist conservative fringe had engulfed the Republican Party.”

Fact: Hillary delivered a vicious ad hominem attack devoid of substance.

Fact: Trump has no “political history.” He never held public office.

Fact: A “nationalist conservative fringe” runs Washington under both parties, mostly indistinguishable from each other - pro-war, pro-business, anti-progressive, anti-labor, anti-what ordinary people care about most.

Fact: America’s deplorable state is excluded from Times reporting. Instead it endorses a war goddess racketeer, a woman belonging in prison, outrageously calling her “one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history.”

The Times: Hillary’s “effort on Thursday was remarkable for its exhaustive accounting of Mr. Trump’s controversial racial history…”

Fact: Hillary’s speech was a litany of Big Lies. Trump’s racist comments on the stump deserve criticism - no reason to say he has a “controversial racial history,” claiming it is political bluster.

The Times quoted Hillary saying “(t)he de facto merger between Breitbart and the Trump campaign represents a landmark achievement for the alt-right.”

Fact: Whatever definition applies to alt-right politics, right-wing extremism runs America. Neocons infest Washington, dominating Democrat and Republican policymaking. 

The Times promotes the illusion of fundamental differences today between both wings of duopoly governance when not a dime’s worth of difference separates them.

It quoted Hillary, saying “the party of Lincoln has become the party of Trump.”

Maybe so, but the party of Jefferson, FDR and JFK became the party of Hillary - humanity’s worst nightmare.

The Times supports a ruthlessly dangerous woman perhaps intending nuclear war if anointed president - what better reason to oppose her.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Israel Absolves Itself from 2014 Naked Aggression on Gaza

Israel Absolves Itself from 2014 Naked Aggression on Gaza

by Stephen Lendman

Israel remains unaccountable for decades of racist ruthlessness - massacring, persecuting and otherwise collectively punishing Palestinians for not being Jewish.

Operation Protective Edge was its third war on Gaza in five-and-a-half years - premeditated naked aggression against a largely defenseless population, 1.8 million people trapped under lawless siege, no safe havens for protection.

Israel’s war had nothing to do with Hamas rockets. Claiming it was a ruse, media scoundrels reporting it like gospel.

Attacking the Strip targeted Palestine’s legitimate government, democratically elected in January 2006, the PA installed as a puppet regime serving Israeli interests.

War was about preventing Palestinian self-determination. It was to maintain occupation harshness. 

It was to keep stealing Palestinian land. It was to expand settlements exponentially. It was to control all valued parts of Judea and Samaria.

It was to keep Palestinians confined on isolated bantustans on worthless scrubland. It was to steal their resources. 

It was to assure diaspora Palestinians don’t return. It was to maintain Gaza’s blockade while pretending otherwise when hostilities ended.

It was to have Jerusalem as Israel’s exclusive capital. It was to undermine Fatah/Hamas unity.
It was to let Israel commit high crimes against peace with impunity - any time against invented enemies, unrestrained by inviolable international laws.

It was to show Palestinians they’re defenseless against overwhelming Israeli might. It was to enlist popular homeland support for what demands universal condemnation.

Wars on Gaza, anywhere in Palestine or regionally can be launched at Israel’s discretion - with full US support and encouragement, most other nations turning a blind eye, supporting naked aggression, mindless of the cost in Palestinian lives and suffering.

Whenever Israel investigates its high crimes of war and against humanity, whitewash follows. On Thursday, it summarily closed 13 investigations into Operation Protective Edge criminality committed by its soldiers in summer 2014.

Over 2,100 Palestinians died, mostly civilians, including over 500 children and 300 women, over 11,000 injured, many maimed for life.

Virtually every child was traumatized by war, requiring professional help in most cases unavailable. Only three Israeli soldiers were held accountable for crimes involving looting - not mass murder and destruction, affecting residential areas most.

Dozens of entire families were wiped out, scores more lost three or more members. Promised relief following war’s end never materialized.

A UN warning about Gaza becoming uninhabitable by 2020 goes unheeded. It’s virtually this way now. 

Israeli-imposed dire conditions created a humanitarian catastrophe. Little is being done to help long-suffering people, illegally blockaded by Israel for over nine years.

Naked aggression could be launched against them any time at Israel’s discretion. Slow-motion genocide stalks Palestine - its epicenter in Gaza.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

NYT Suppresses Escalated US/Turkish Aggression in Syria

NYT Suppresses Escalated US/Turkish Aggression in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

One of the best ways to be misinformed and stay that way is by following deplorable Times propaganda - a longtime imperial mouthpiece, supporting all US wars of aggression, pretending they’re humanitarian missions.

On Wednesday, Turkish military forces supported by US warplanes and hundreds of US-backed terrorists falsely called “moderate rebels” launched naked aggression on northern Syria.

Separate articles on the Lendman blog and other sites posting my work explain what’s going on - entirely different from what The Times reported, beginning with a deceptive headline, saying “Turkey’s Military Plunges Into Syria, Enabling Rebels to Capture ISIS Stronghold.”

Fact: Washington and Turkey jointly escalated naked aggression in Syria, making peace prospects distant at best.

Fact: No so-called “rebels” exist. All anti-Syrian fighters are terrorists, most imported from scores of countries, supported by Washington and its rogue allies, including Turkey.

Fact: Turkey’s current aggression has nothing to do with combating ISIS, its ally, everything to do with battling Kurds and seizing northern Syrian territory with likely designs on annexing it.

Nothing in The Times report explains any of the above - instead falsely claiming Ankara’s invasion with US support “is a significant escalation of Turkey’s role in the fight against the Islamic State…”

Utter rubbish! Washington and Ankara support ISIS. Its fighters were informed in advance about the impending aggression, letting them leave without taking a single casualty.

Ludicrously calling Turkey’s lawless invasion an indication of its “more aggressive diplomatic role in Syria,” The Times claims its “offensive” has “two immediate goals: To clear (ISIS) from (border areas) and roll back recent advances by” Kurdish fighters.

Fact: It has nothing to do with combating ISIS as already explained. Turkey was given a green light to combat Kurdish fighters America claims to support - only while needed, then betrayed, Washington’s way of doing business.

Fact: Erdogan’s main aim is annexing northern Syrian and Iraqi territory, part of his Ottoman empire recreation scheme.

Fact: America approved his aggression and provided direct support. White House spokesman Josh Earnest lied, calling Turkish forces invading Syria “an indication of important progress” in combating ISIS.

The Times consistently misreports - pretending Turkish aggression is stepped up diplomacy. It ignores Washington’s support for ISIS and all other terrorist groups in Syria. 

It fails to explain no so-called “moderate rebels” exist. It calls US naked aggression against a sovereign independent nonbelligerent nation civil war. There’s nothing civil about it.

Throughout the conflict, some of the most despicable propaganda in memory substituted for honest accounts in all scoundrel media print and electronic reports - The Times its lead source, supporting all US wars of aggression.

Its August 24 report ended by quoting Erdogan’s Big Lie, saying “Turkey is determined for Syria to retain its territorial integrity and will take matters into its own hands if required to protect that territorial unity.” 

“We have only ever sought to help the people of Syria and have no other intentions” - by arming and otherwise aiding ISIS and other terrorist fighters massacre its people with US support and encouragement!

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Territorial Waters Off Iran's Coast Are Persian, Not American

Territorial Waters off Iran’s Coast Are Persian, Not American

by Stephen Lendman

You’d never know it based on how Washington operates globally, seeking dominion over planet earth, its resources, populations and space - naked aggression its main strategy of choice.

On Wednesday, the USS Nitze and USS Mason guided missile destroyers provocatively entered Iranian waters in the Strait of Hormuz - admitted by US Central Command spokesman Commander Kyle Raines.

Four Iranian small vessels interdicted them, both US warships changing course to avoid confrontation. The US Navy called the incident “unsafe and unprofessional.”

What legal right have US warships to sail in Iranian waters or those of any other country like Beijing’s in the South China Sea or Russia’s in the Black Sea.

Iran’s Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan said “(i)f any foreign vessel enters our waters, we will given them a warning and it is an act of aggression, we will confront them.”

Iranian vessels monitor all movements in Persian Gulf waters. America maintains a strong naval presence there, including occasional provocative war games. Its Fifth Fleet based in Bahrain includes a formidable array of warships and support vessels - too close to Iranian waters and coastline for comfort. 

Iran’s Defense Minister Dehqan earlier said “(t)he Iranian Armed Forces are an intertwined and coherent complex that can give a decisive response to any threat at any level and any place under the command of the Commander-in-Chief.”

“The enemy can never assess and think of the range of the response given by the powerful and mighty Armed Forces of the Islamic Iran.”

He vowed a strong response to counter any US provocations. America acts irresponsibly, then blames Iran for “unsafe and unprofessional actions (risking) escalation and miscalculation” - claiming US forces “have an inherent obligation for self-defense.”

Longtime US policy calls for regime change in Iran. Perhaps a provocative action instigated by Fifth Fleet warships one day will be a Gulf of Tonkin type incident used to declare war.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Reality in Syria

Reality in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

As a longtime peace, stability, human and civil rights activist, I’m appalled about what’s happening in Syria.

It’s one of numerous US targeted countries, ravaged and destroyed one after another, responsible for millions of casualties gone unreported by deplorable media scoundrels - supporting America’s imperial ruthlessness.  

It’s waging naked aggression against nonbelligerent nations to transform their sovereign independence into US colonies. 

Israel’s regional agenda is served. Regime change in Syria if achieved isolates Iran, next in America’s queue to be targeted by war or color revolution.

Syria is in the eye of the storm, a hugely dangerous flashpoint risking East/West confrontation - likely anyway if Hillary succeeds Obama, a neocon lunatic wanting US-dominated NATO used aggressively “to defend our way of life,” including use of nuclear weapons.

Paul Craig Roberts believes her presidency would mean “nuclear war before her first term is over. A vote for Hillary is a vote for nuclear war,” he stresses.

Several times I’ve said US nuclear war (with Russia and perhaps China) is a coin flip with her as commander-in-chief of America’s military, her finger on the nuclear trigger.

Russia deserves credit for intervening in Syria responsibly to combat terrorism last September, though it hasn’t done enough. It continues going all-out for peaceful conflict resolution despite the futility of getting Washington to agree.

Its leaders going back to Soviet days know America can’t be trusted. It doesn’t negotiate. It demands. Its agenda is uncompromisingly ruthless.

Things it agrees to aren’t worth the paper they’re written on - principles systematically breached to achieve unchallenged global dominance.

Strategies employed include color revolutions and naked aggression, raping one country after another or in multiples.

Endless Sergey Lavrov discussions with John Kerry accomplish nothing. On Wednesday, they spoke by phone during US-supported Turkish aggression on northern Syria. 

Yet it wasn’t the main topic of concern, maybe not even discussed. Talks instead focused on fighting in Aleppo along with providing humanitarian aid for its beleaguered residents.

Russia again tried getting America to cooperate in combating terrorists in Syria it supports - to no avail.

These type discussions accomplish nothing. Washington is committed to regime change. Obama didn’t launch naked aggression using terrorists as proxy foot soldiers to quit.

It’s hard understanding what Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov had in mind, claiming progress in US/Moscow talks when nothing significant was achieved bilaterally throughout years of conflict.

It rages endlessly, perhaps permanently as long as Syrians redoubtably refuse to surrender to US imperial viciousness.

Or maybe things will end with horrific US shock-and-awe intervention if Hillary succeeds Obama. 

Or maybe nuclear denouement. When lunatics run the asylum, anything is possible - including WW III.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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US Supports Turkey's Invasion of Syria

US Supports Turkey’s Invasion of Syria

by Stephen Lendman

There’s no delicate way of putting it. Throughout Obama’s rape of Syria, Turkey partnered with America for its own self-interest. 

It profits from selling stolen ISIS oil, covets annexation of northern Syrian and Iraqi territory. Erdogan’s primary aim is establishing a new Ottoman empire, naked aggression his strategy.

His meeting with Putin in St. Petersburg on August 9 achieved nothing toward resolving Syria’s conflict - just the opposite based on events since Wednesday.

Days earlier comments by Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim were duplicitous in promising to work with Russia and Iran for conflict resolution. Just the opposite is happening.

Partnered with US-supported terrorists called “moderate rebels,” Turkish forces invaded northern Syria in force on the phony pretext of combating ISIS, its ally throughout the conflict.

Its fighters left the city of Jarablus, likely notified in advance to get out of harm’s way. Turkish aggression with US-supported air cover was a walkover, no resistance encountered.

Erdogan’s dual aim was combating Kurdish YPG fighters and seizing Syrian territory - whether short-term or permanently remains to be seen. His government announced it intends taking the town of Manbij.

Joe Biden conveniently visiting Ankara expressed US support for Turkish aggression, saying “(w)e have made it clear to Kurdish forces that they must move back across the (Euphrates) river.”

“They cannot and will not get American support if they do not keep that commitment. Period.”

In other words, it’s OK for Turkey to seize and occupy northern Syrian territory - how all aggressors operate, notably America.

A Syrian Foreign Ministry statement “condemn(ed) the intrusion of Turkish tanks into Syrian territory under the cover of air support provided by the US-led international coalition. Syria regards such actions as outright violation of its sovereignty.”

Resisting terror “is not confined to driving out militants of the terrorist group calling itself Islamic State only to replace them with other extremist groups supported from Turkey.”

Russia’s response to Erdogan’s aggression was muted, its Foreign Ministry saying “Moscow is deeply worried over the ongoing events in the area of the Syrian-Turkish border.”

“First and foremost, very worrisome is the risk of a further deterioration of the situation in the zone of the conflict, including the possibility of civilian casualties it may entail and the soaring inter-ethnic contradictions between the Kurds and the Arabs.”

It added conflict resolution can only be achieved through constructive dialogue, involving all Syrian ethnic and religious groups. What’s the point. It’s not happening this way and won’t because Washington obstructs efforts toward peace.

Instead of steps toward resolution, things just escalated, Washington’s dirty hands involved - letting Erdogan pursue his territorial ambitions and war on area Kurds, allied with US-supported terrorists against the territorial integrity of Syria and its long-suffering people.

Russia’s muted response to what’s happening begs these questions. Why hasn’t Moscow unreservedly condemned Turkish aggression with US support?

Why doesn’t it forthrightly denounced all heavily armed anti-government forces as terrorists and declare henceforth it’ll attack them freely?

Turkey occupying parts of northern Syria perhaps intending to stay is a significant setback in efforts to liberate the country from US-backed foreign invaders.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Trump and Others Call for Clinton Foundation to Shut Down

Trump and Others Call for Clinton Foundation to Shut Down

by Stephen Lendman

Trump isn’t alone. Voices on the left and right agree. More on this below. 

The foundation is a Bill and Hillary money-laundering self-enrichment racket posing as a charitable NGO.

To make a point, Trump says it’s “the most corrupt enterprise in political history,” calling for it to cease operations immediately, stressing:

“Hillary Clinton is the defender of the corrupt and rigged status quo. The Clintons have spent decades as insiders lining their own pockets and taking care of donors instead of the American people.” 

“What they were doing during Crooked Hillary’s time as Secretary of State was wrong then, and it is wrong now. It must be shut down immediately.”

Last week, the foundation said it’ll stop accepting foreign and corporate donations if Hillary succeeds Obama. On Monday, Trump said pay-to-play donations from “a lot of countries that we shouldn't be taking and they shouldn't be taking money from” should be returned.

“Countries that influenced her totally and also countries that discriminate against women and gays and everybody else. I mean, that money - it should be given back. They should not take that money.”

On August 24, a feature Wall Street Journal story suggests Bill and Hillary intend continuing dirty business as usual regardless of how things turn out in November, saying:

“The Clinton Foundation is considering exceptions to its plan to stop accepting corporate and foreign donations and reduce family involvement” if Hillary succeeds Obama.

On Wednesday, foundation spokesman Craig Minassian said Chelsea plans to stay on its board. In other words, she’ll represent her parents’ interests so they’ll continue being served seamlessly.

The so-called Clinton Health Access Initiative, part of the foundation’s racket, will likely keep accepting foreign and corporate donations - elevating pay-to-pay to a higher level under a third Clinton co-presidency, selling influence in return for likely billions of dollars in donations, much diverted to enrich Bill and Hillary, their family members and cronies.

Chelsea’s spokeswoman fooled no one, saying she’ll stay on the board because she’s “committed to ensuring that those benefitting from the foundation’s work will…continue” being served.

Beneficiaries are largely the Clintons and co-conspirators. Racketeering enriches them hugely on phony pretext charitable do-gooding, a minor part of the racketeering operation as cover to conceal its real purpose.

Neocon Washington Post editors said if Hillary succeeds Obama, “all of the foundation’s assets should be spun off to an organization with no ties to the first family.”

USA Today editors said “the only way to eliminate the odor surrounding the foundation is to wind it down and put it in mothballs, starting today, and transfer its important charitable work to another large American charity…”

The New Yorker urged turning the foundation into an independent charity (sic) “at least for the duration of a Clinton presidency.”

Boston Globe editors called for ending donations and shutting the foundation down in November. A growing chorus of voices urge the same thing.

Will it happen? Unlikely based on developments discussed above - Bill, Hillary, Chelsea and others benefitting hugely not about to give up the gift that keeps on giving, the stuff that dreams are made of!

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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